Under the Bed

Under the Bed

By Raventhelunatic
I am under the bed again. I’m lying on my back staring up at the mattress. The tears have stopped now, but I can still taste salt. There are footsteps outside the bedroom door. I can hear them coming towards the bed. He kneels down next to the bed and looks under at me.
“Why are you under the bed again?”
I turn my head away, and ignored him. He lay down on the floor next to me and poked my shoulder until I looked at him.
“I’m not coming out.” I said quietly.
“Yes I thought you might say that.” He turned and looked up at the ceiling. “They’re not monsters you know.” He whispered.
I looked at him. “Yes they are!” I hissed before I caught myself and turned away again. He just sighed, before standing up and leaving the room.
I stayed there for another couple of minutes before I wriggled out from under the bed. There was a big mirror in the corner of the lavishly decorated room. I could see my reflection. I straightened my mask and fixed my hair, before I left the room. I shut the door behind me, and went down the hall to see them again.
“Let’s put on a show.” I whispered to myself before I flung open the door to the great room.


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