By Raventhelunatic

Today was the day. We were doing our presentations in school today, about how we could improve ourselves. It was one of those “self growth” projects for health class. Most people who went before me did posters on weight loss and how they should exercise. Some of them talked about sleeping more, or studying harder to get better grades. But not mine.

It was my turn. I walked slowly to the front of the room, with the small bag of glitter taped to my temple hidden under my hair attached to a tiny air pump in my pocket. I looked out at the class. Most of the people were on their phones or doodling. I glanced over at the teacher, who was pretty much already asleep. I stood tall and tried to stay calm. I hated being in front of people.

“The worst part about me are the demons living in my head.” I said shakily. “They tell me bad things, making me cry and cut my skin. I could go to therapy or take medicine to improve it. Or I could do this.”

I made a finger gun with my right hand and put it to my head. I took a deep breath and put my thumb down on the gun as if to pull the trigger, at the same time I pushed the button on the air pump in my pocket. Red glitter burst from the little packet on my head. It created the illusion that I had shot myself in the head.

“And none of you would care!” I said with a smile, brushing the glitter out of my hair. I walked back to my seat and sat down, leaving the red mess all over the floor. There were a few lazy claps, and the teacher called for the next presenter. No one seemed to notice.


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